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Week 4

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This week was about mapping.

Obviously the biggest online map is Google Map but it has many controversial elements. For example when Google goes around by the 360 degrees special camera vehicle for Google Street, it also collects Wifi connection data. What the company wants by providing the map service is more precise people’s personal data. They want data of what people are interested in who live in a particular area.

There is an open source map called Open Street Map. It’s a wikipedia mapping.

There is no copyright so you can use it in whatever way you want.
You can also modify it far more freely than Google Map.

I actually knew about it and tried it again but I don’t think I’m going to use it as a primary mapping tool, personally Google Map is more sophisticated, it has shop names, route search and it’s faster. The reason why I think Google Map is better is its capital. They earn lots of money therefore they can invest more in their services. If their services were too open, they would be unable to earn that much money. There is a huge contradiction here. People normally have to work on open source projects in their spare time for nothing. On the other hand Google has well paid elite engineers. In order to keep having them, Google has to monetise their services. However I actually just remembered that Google also let people do work for them for almost nothing, for example, jobs walking around mountains carrying the Google Street camera. Perhaps it’s again the Internet’s law of the first one becomes the biggest there for the best, just like Amazon. As everyone uses Google Map, Google has the most data therefore they can make the best map. The word “best” here means the preciseness of the map. Google Map has shop names etc but Open Street Map doesn’t.

Mapping can have massive power, for example, revealing where prisons are in a country where that information is hidden.

We tried Google Fusion Table.
I made this Wiki page on social media campaigning wiki.

How to use Google fusion tables for mapping locations
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1. log into Google drive
2. find a spread sheet
3. copy it and paste to a spread sheet
4. open Google fusion tables
5. import the spread sheet created
6. go to “row 1”
7. change the location column to “location”
8. “add map”
9. complete



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